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About Us

To those who have ever been to Malaysia, Pangkor Island, you would know it is famous for the seafood productivity in Malaysia. Our company “Cty TNHH The Ky Toan Cau” imports and distributes solely for Haiseng Hin Enterprise, SDN, BHD, Pangkor Island, Malaysia. Their products includes all kinds of confectionaries, esp. snacks and instant dried foods from 100% pure sea fish, produced under modern production line and especially Food safety sanitary is highly cared to meet international standard. Products are exported to many countries: Australia, England, Brunei, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Arabia, UAE… and from now Vietnam. This is a good sign for those who dare not eat fish because of its smell. It won’t be a problem from now on.

Our products are mainly made from sea fish, esp. Cod fish and none of the animal fat is used, this is Hala food certificate requirement of Muslim country (including Malaysia). This Cod fish product appears first time in Vietnam.

There won’t be the problem of only rich high class people can travel to Japan or Europe, enter expensive restaurant to enjoy expensive dishes made from Cod fish. We bring you Cod fish snacks to serve at very regular price. We hope our products will be welcomed by children, unforgettable taste once ate, elder people will always remember.

Our company would cooperate with any partner, supermarkets distributors who together with us bring these healthy products to everyone.

Export: our company export to any country in the world agricultural products, foods, beverages… made in Vietnam.

Our slogan “Customers are happy, partners are pleased” this is our target for development.

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